May. 24th, 2009

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Boy oh boy, am I sure missing WisCon.

I think it's clear that I'm crap at posting to LJ, but in the interest of keeping up appearances, here's some stuff we've done recently ... for [ profile] barbmg 's 29th birthday, we met [ profile] bondgwendabond  and [ profile] colonelrowe up in Ash City, I mean, Asheville. Drove up the hill to the Grove Park Inn, where there is a beautiful view from the veranda of the historic old hotel, although these days it's populated by golfing richnecks instead of alcoholic literary giants. Then, thanks to a tip from a local litblogger friend, down to the polar opposite of the Grove Park Inn: the Wedge microbrewery and tasting room, next to the railroad tracks next to the river, in this industrial building that's been repurposed for artists' studios. Draft beer, peanuts, nothing else. Very nice. Then back into downtown Asheville proper (no devils were spotted in the making of this trip) for dinner at Nova (which, speaking of the devil, used to be called Scratch) where we had really good tapas and really really REALLY good cocktails. SRSLY. Breakfast the next morning at vegetarian wonderland The Laughing Seed was also really good.

And then last weekend there was the inaugural Piedmont Rangers camping trip in Umstead Park. Rather surprisingly, none of the kids or adults got stabbed or burned or carried off by the deadly Umstead bears. Smores were made (gourmet smores!) and ticks were removed and of course no alcohol was drunk because that is against state park regulations.

Have I mentioned that I'm missing WisCon? (And GARF, and VARF, and...)


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