Apr. 29th, 2017

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I flipped over to the fairly active Facebook page of one of my relatives. Ex-military, ex-cop, conservative gun-toting Trumper who allegedly loves Jesus. I do this from time to time, in an effort to understand the what/why/how of these folks. But I don't think I can do it any longer. I've seen enough.

What strikes me about the memes that he reposts is how old they are. It's the same regurgitated stuff from months or years ago. It has nothing to do with what's specifically happening right now. And half the time the posts aren't even ideologically sound from a right-wing point of view. He'll repost General Petraeus praising the military, even though the right-wingers hate Petraeus now because of his views on gun control. Basically any post that praises veterans will get passed along no matter who said it, then one of his buddies will show up in the comments to say "hey, uh, remember, we hate the Democrats/liberals/Socialists/commies, and that's who you're quoting here."

Other recent posts include the gumball immigrants video (ancient, and so thoroughly disproven), a ton of stuff about term limits, a vile cops vs. BLM post, and one about how HRC is hypocritical to ask to see Trump's tax returns when, y'know, she deleted "those emails."

So, I'm done. I try not to read comments online, especially on news stories, and I often fail. But I really think I'm done looking at this stuff.


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