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Dec. 26th, 2008 06:25 pm
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I should probably mention my so-far-wonderful holidays ... Barb and I saw Hilton in Winston-Salem Monday night. I went back yesterday and after doing the present thing with my mother and sister, and after reading the first third of LOOKING FOR ALASKA, I went out to Elliott's Revue to talk to my ol' friend Phil. We talked about movies, theater, music, humans, philosophy, tonal consistency, poetic inconsistency, and a few other things, and it was exactly the kind of talking I enjoy.

But instead of spieling more about holidays, I'm going to mention photography. A few of my freelance articles have been published with photos I've taken. But I'm pretty sure I just got my first credit for a photo-as-photo-and-only-photo in a dead-tree publication. So if you pick up the second edition of NORTH CAROLINA AFIELD: A Guide to Nature Conservancy Projects in North Carolina, you'll see (among many other things) my photo of the Cape Fear River. It was a pro sale, even, but I chose to donate the fee back to the Nature Conservancy, who do all kinds of good things to protect and preserve nature.

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No Country for Old Men? Good. I'm Not There? Not.

I never considered myself a photographer, but I thought I did OK with film cameras. I've still got my manual-everything K-1000, built like a tank. And I took some decent photos with little point-and-shoot film cameras (with nice lenses) too, although it felt weird to give up focus and exposure control. So why am I having such a hard time adjusting to digital? I've got a Panasonic TZ-1 and the results look way too ... mushy. I can't quite wrap my head around why that is, though. Sure, it's not some swank high-end digital SLR, but.

This post brought to you by the terminal but.


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