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Last weekend was the fourth year in a row where we spent some time with friends (and several thousand other people) at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. So at this point, it's a tradition. [ profile] barbmg  and I did a quick sprint through some DC area tourist attractions first. Arlington National Cemetery, I hadn't been there since I was a kid, and had never been up the hill to Arlington House, which is undergoing renovation but you can still walk through several rooms, and under the arch where Mary Custis and Robert E. Lee were married. Took the metro into DC for a sprint through the National Museum of Natural History, then a more leisurely stroll through the Hirschhorn Sculpture Garden.

In mostly unrelated news (although I did have a delicious mojito at one point during our sojourn to Crownsville), I was surprised to find that I've only had 57 of the 100 drinks on the Anvil bar bucket list: I plan to remedy that, and to make plenty of the 57 cocktails I've already had. Tonight, a Brandy Alexander (one of the 57 I've already had so far in this life). Creamy, dessert-y, no point in having more than one, no point in making them if you don't have fresh whole nutmeg to grate on top. For those folks playing at home, the proportions I used are from Paul Harrington's excellent COCKTAIL book: 3/4 oz. brandy, 3/4 oz. creme de cacao, 1/2 oz. cream.

One down, ninety-nine to go.

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